WINNERS of Spring Season 2024

The Breaking Point

Best short screenplay

Written by Tiffany L. Coleman

Total of 13 pages

A Story of the London Fog

Best feature screenplay

Written by Robert Joseph Simpson

Total of 110 pages

Out of the Blue

Best Television Screenplay - Pilot

Written by Sam Stone

Total of 30 pages


Best drama screenplay

Written by Rosalyn Rosen

Total of 119 pages

Once A Thief

First time screenwriter (feature script)

Written by Benita Cullingford

Total of 90 pages


First time screenwriter (short script)

Written by Christopher Frost

Total of 13 pages

The Lost Life

Best screenwriter

Written by Anna Novikova

Total of 128 pages

Overwhelming Darkness

Best thriller screenplay

Written by Steven Abel Hart

Total of 105 pages


Best LGBTI screenplay

Written by Michael Williams

Total of 93 pages

Pardon The Interruption

Best comedy screenplay

Written by Olivia Lee

Total of 107 pages

Betty and the Blitz

Best horror screenplay

Written by Mark A Pritchard

Total of 110 pages

The Other Part of the Picture

Best stage play

Written by Peter Hardy

Total of 122 pages

Starship Explorer: The Alien Chef

Best SCI-FI screenplay

Written by Sebastian Binder

Total of 24 pages


Best war theme screenplay

Written by Sophie Neville

Total of 97 pages

Trail Of Tears

Best psychological screenplay

Written by Hans Sluijter

Total of 103 pages

Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi

Best historical screenplay

Written by Byron E Anderson

Total of 105 pages

Mourning After

Best American screenplay

Written by Kathleen M Caprario-Ulrich

Total of 102 pages