WINNERS of Spring season 2023

Night in Venice

Best short screenplay

Written by Oleksandr Chernega

Total of 23 pages

Brothers of Babylon

Best feature screenplay

Written by Gabriel Womack

Total of 99 pages

ALIENAZION - The Conquest of Space

Best Television Screenplay - Pilot

Written by Antonio Bellido Marin

Total of 60 pages


Best German screenplay

Written by Maik Gieszler

Total of 100 pages

"PROGRAM" TO KILL......?? (F)

First time screenwriter (feature script)

Written by Manisha Gupta

Total of 87 pages

Out of her shadow

First time screenwriter (short script)

Written by Clara Cantos

Total of 15 pages

Soul Survivors - An Obsession Of The Heart Part One

Best screenwriter

Written by Adam Poulos

Total of 95 pages

May In The Fields Of Winter

Best drama screenplay

Written by Roger Winstead

Total of 118 pages

SLAY IT! 'They Say You Die Twice'

Best student screenplay

Written by Janine Pecenkova

Total of 63 pages

The Pickleball Killer

Best thriller screenplay

Written by Jim Carroll

Total of 112 pages


Best pitch

Written by Gang Chen

Total of 108 pages

Reminiscing Flight 587: 20 Years Later

Best documentary screenplay

By Miguel Mike Medina

The Adagio

Best LGBTI screenplay

Written by Gerald C Wood

Total of 101 pages

Dick 2.0

Best comedy screenplay

Written by Henry Sarwer-Foner, Noel Baker

Total of 112 pages

The Curse of Leap Castle

Best horror screenplay

Written by Zeff Lawless, Derek Carroll

Total of 31 pages

The Kaufman Letter

Best stage play

Written by Bruce James Clark

Total of 86 pages

Bad Love Tigers

Best SCI-FI screenplay

Written by Kevin Schewe

Total of 94 pages


Best action screenplay

Written by Shea E. Butler

Total of 113 pages

Gullun Drift

Best fantasy screenplay

Written by Richard Clarke

Total of 103 pages


Best historical screenplay

Written by Helen Rana

Total of 73 pages

Enter the Room

Best psychological screenplay

Written by Harry Waldman

Total of 15 pages


Best war theme screenplay

Written by Mark Nevill Parker

Total of 129 pages

The Last Day of Paradise

Best European screenplay

Written by Kiki Denis

Total of 109 pages

The Loser's Club

Best American screenplay

Written by Jonathan Turner Smith

Total of 118 pages

Mrs Saxena at the Hotel Grand

Best Asian screenplay

Written by Yanush AHY

Total of 88 pages

Accountability Partners

Best African screenplay

By Vosa Tosin