spring season 2024

official selection

Project TitlePages/DurationWriter/Director
Reviving the Rileys103 PagesAli Kiani
Sight Specific22 PagesPeter Hardy
Minding Therapy97 PagesRos C Johnson
Centurions110 PagesSally Claire Stubbs
Last Stop Tokyo124 PagesNancee LaFayette
Will's Secret94 PagesKevin Short
The Show Must Go On100 PagesLauren Foley
Ziva29 PagesCécile Vernant
Burke and Hare - The West Port Murders90 PagesStephen Hall
The Old Ways80 PagesJohn Rice
The Phatman38 PagesDale Melgaard
Poor Players120 PagesRonald Kaehler
EdgeTown117 PagesGed Maybury
Tangled Tails7 PagesOleg Condrea
Don't Eat Paper!122 PagesJulius John Galacki
Limping Towards Babylon120 PagesJulius Galacki
Pray with a Bullet119 PagesJulius Galacki
The Green Mill115 PagesMichelle Lynn
The Strongman105 PagesTodd Ryan Jones
The Killing Dream118 PagesAaron Heinrich
Queen: checkmate for the King01:10:10Dacia Maraini, Ennio Giganti, Sergio Vespertino, Rosalba Muratori, Luca De Giorgi
The Bard61 PagesJay Apking, Amanda Cifaldi
The War Within Her108 PagesChristian Georges Bruyere
Replacement66 PagesBorys Shusterman
King of Blades109 PagesPaul Hikari
THE FUHRER108 PagesAnthony McBride
First Launch151 PagesMark Lund
Alta California100 PagesLynn H. Elliott
THE MONGREL. PILOT "The Seed-Bearers."55 PagesLynn H. Elliott
Old Friends107 PagesROBERT ISABELLA
Tīki's Tales20 PagesTabea Isabelle von Gruenewaldt
Aris69 PagesV.P. Evans
Crossed119 PagesPeter R Herlan
Broken Circle02:19:23Demetrios (aka Dimitrios) Katis
The King's Friend108 PagesVladimir Vassilenko
The priory of Sion170 PagesCazebon-Taveau Cazebon-Taveau Cazebon-Taveau
Two Good Turns38 Pagesjudy faulkner-krause, Ariel DeSilvis
Beyond The Rivers of Babylon 105 PagesLaura Elliott, Joseph Samuels
Cruise of the Amberjack114 PagesE. Lyn Foster
The Magical Adventures of Detective Sam00:07:00Gail Pickett
Big City Nights: Cisero Murphy Saga129 PagesTyriek A Murphy
Sweetener98 PagesWilliam Rush
Lady of the Rose--a Musical Odyssey80 PagesKaren Jean Wentworth Harvey-Dewey, Merle (deceased--co-wrote three songs) Van Dyke Wolford
Hemingway Country47 PagesDarren Crawford Sullivan
Moonscope102 PagesDavid Hunter Fein
Corazon Matters119 PagesMichael Ellis
Project Knight Driver121 PagesBenjamin Meyer, Heike Havermeier
Edge of the Rainbow102 PagesBarbara West
Pendragon118 PagesSteve McGraw
The Monster's Son260 PagesNathan W Post
Good130 PagesMonte Albers de Leon
TV Dyke33 PagesXanna Don't
Io25 PagesJeff Rubino
Malgo18 PagesChara Kourlessi
BACK60 PagesMatthew Webster
BiFrost Forest: The Sabine Saga108 PagesWilliam A Murphy
Overwhelming Darkness105 PagesSteven Abel Hart
The Italian Assassin123 PagesDragan Veselinovic
Toxic, Needy59 PagesAnna Wright
Operation Sacred Cows130 PagesLuca Giaggiolo
Warrenville 58 PagesCraig S Thornton
Black Butterflies30 PagesAndrea Bauab, Maru Gandolfo
The Cage120 PagesGary DeMoss
The Corsican83 PagesAndrás Dávid Fasimon
Direct Action107 PagesTor Kristoffersen
An American Gospel96 PagesSeth Adam(s)
The Sands60 PagesHannah Looney, Jason Cortez
No Man's Land10 PagesTom Canning
Shampoo Horns96 PagesDaniel Falcone
DEAR PRUDENCE110 PagesDaniel Faclone
The Bride from Green Valley116 PagesRJ Daniels
Litten's Passion108 PagesArik Bjorn, Debi King McMartin, Evelyn "Lyn" Morgan
The Color of the Evening Sky43 PagesLinda Kampley
Lillith91 PagesWill Nunziata
Brahma's Feet102 PagesKrystopher Hugo Neto Taulois de Andrade
Pumpkin Goulash22 PagesYvette Farmer
Hollywood Adjacent103 PagesRobert Franklin Godwin III
Escape107 PagesMarc H Stevens
Call Me Norma17 PagesRebekah Scheffelmaier
The Stylite502 PagesShane Hallawa
HEARTSTONE105 PagesMichael Williams, Robert Biheller, Phillip Margolin
Fewer Murders12 PagesHelen Rana
Still Perfect94 PagesMichael Fitzer, Karin Partin Wells
Dreamland81 PagesSpencer Ventresca
Sunshine and Winds of the East39 PagesNadejda Elpida Murze
FISH FETISH13 PagesRay DeFeis
SWINGMAN101 PagesZeki Turgut Gezgez
Billy95 PagesJoshua Rose
Harrowed103 PagesAaron A Moore
Gullun Drift103 PagesRichard Clarke
Happycrows95 PagesJames Anthony Ward
The Fragments Of A Dream32 PagesMehmet Atamen
The Princess of the Bottom of the World125 PagesDan Linehan
Because of You118 PagesPeter Anthony McGrath
Drag Queen Ninjas100 PagesMichael Van Patten, Jason Fedusenko
SINGLE GIRL'S GUIDE TO NARCISSISTS83 PagesDiane Thomassin, Michael Miceli
VOODOO VALENTINOS100 PagesMichael Louis Gould
Tasmanian Tiger115 PagesAttila Baranyi
Delicious Flesh33 PagesVirginia Youngren
The '57 Bushville Champs118 PagesElissa Sheridan
An Innocent Lie109 PagesSam Cromartie
Black dawn13 PagesLetizia Arcaleni
One Mad Apple 113 PagesLaurie Asbourne, Tom Pratt
The Lesson6 PagesDuncan Putney
Millions in Manila106 PagesJeffrey Milne
THE PERFECT SON143 PagesLaMont Prospect
LIMO GIRL108 PagesLaMont Prospect
Flash Card95 PagesJoseph Stephen Meadows
Soulvation127 PagesWill Molnar
Firecracker 14 PagesWilliam Stewart
Café Montevideo108 PagesDerek Carranza
Pride & Prudence107 PagesFran Evelyn Ervin
MARYAM & VARTO80 PagesGorune Aprikian
GREEN UNION27 PagesRenata Elis Martins
Lincoln at Congo Square99 PagesRick D. Bailey
John Horse 105 PagesWalt Alexander , James Riordan
Lock Her Up110 PagesElizabeth Ann Searle
The Slovenian Girl109 PagesChaz Fatur
Incident on Highway 7119 PagesJ. Aldric Gaudet
Nighthawks50 PagesAngela Jobson
EVERY STEP COUNTS92 PagesWayne Baltz
Paradigm98 PagesStephen Wise, Eric Charles Kaplan (story)
Twin Lanterns 88 PagesJody Ellis
I Am Austin82 PagesMelanie Vlosky, Jack Rushen