winter season 2024

official selection

Project Title
What Liba Felt15 PagesNik Perring
Trigger Objects60 PagesNik Perring
Violent Rhythm 96 PagesAndrew Laurence Barnes
Evergreen21 PagesMashae Delores Alderman
A Drawer Full of Socks and Not a Single Pair138 PagesGareth Meadows
Old Soldiers91 PagesDavid Carl Raymer
A Dull House113 PagesAli Kiani
Trust Me120 PagesJonathan James Izard
SUPREMACY120 PagesRosalyn Rosen
Rachelle117 PagesDave Schmeling, David A. Pasquarelli
Sa o Roma Babo156 PagesAlbana Muja, Agim Sopi
FIFTY YEARS IN MAY114 PagesSilvio Alfonso Nacucchi
The Seventh Seal 80 PagesWalt Alexander
PRODIGIUM85 PagesVincenzo Pandolfi, Filippo Santaniello
Olvidado101 Pagesd. b. Roderick
Hoodoo88 PagesKen Cosentino
Pegasus105 PagesRobert Alan Wagner
Viri Utopia20 PagesAzhin SHEKHI
This is Jan18 PagesRobert Larriviere, Hunter Burke, Nick Lavin
The Devil Pulls the Strings49 PagesJ. W. Zarek
MOKSHA115 PagesSaurin Lakhia
The Returned74 PagesBen Andrew Pfeiffer
Ready Set No!13 PagesWillem Hietkamp
Killer Bandana: The Murder at Waddesdon Manor50 PagesToni-Ann Lagana
Plight of Francis112 PagesGordan Kljucec
GORDON’S MERCY109 PagesGary L. Helm
The Clock15 PagesPremton Kryeziu
The War on Peace110 PagesGary Porpora
Kumiho: Legend of the Jades108 PagesGary A Porpora
Out of the Box10 PagesChristine Schurr
The Smile of December122 PagesJonathan Vickers
Forbidden: Once Upon a War50 PagesRon Modro
My Name Was Icek109 PagesRon Modro
Exodus18 PagesAlex De Luca, Carl Staples